I am a Professor of Mathematics at Whittier College. I joined the faculty in the Fall of 2007 immediately after completing my PhD in number theory from the University of South Carolina (advised by Michael Filaseta). I achieved tenure in 2013. I served as Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from January 2015 to July 2018, and I was promoted to Professor in 2021.

My academic training is in number theory, particularly problems inspired by the work of Paul Erdős. I study covering systems of the integers. Many of my research papers are on coverings, and since coverings make for a friendly introduction to undergraduate mathematical research, many of my research projects with students have been on coverings as well. Recently, I have been thinking about applications of supersingular elliptic curves to cryptography.

However, I am also interested in interdisciplinary applications of mathematics, such as mathematics in literature and cinema or mathematical methods in sports analytics (FIFA Foe Fun!) and in mathematics pedagogy: I co-edited the book Mathematical Themes in a First-Year Seminar, that was published by the MAA Notes series in 2021. These have led to further scholarship for me and my students.

This webpage contains information about my research, my research with students, my teaching, and my conference travel.

Contact Info:

Mark Kozek
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Whittier College
Whittier, CA 90608-0634

E-mail: mkozek {A_T} whittier {dØt} edu
Telephone: (562) 907-4200 ext. 4441
Office: SLC 211-D