• Number theory in the spirit of Paul Erdős.
      • Harmonious pairs.
      • Applications of coverings of the integers.
          • Erdős’ minimum modulus problem.
          • Polygonal Sierpiński and Riesel numbers.
          • Composites in different bases that remain composite after changing digits.
          • Composite numbers that remain composite after any substitution (ditto for insertion) of a digit.
          • Sierpiński and Riesel numbers that “likely” do not arise from coverings.
      • Numbers of the form: kr2n+1, kr2n-1, and kr-2n.
  • Goldbach’s conjecture for monic polynomials.
  • Mathematics in literature and cinema.
  • Mathematical themes in a first-year seminar.
  • Sports analytics (FIFA Foe Fun).


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